The day I decided to buy myself a bread machine the Zojirushi BB-HAC10 was the best choice I could find. It stands proudly in my kitchen and I enjoy it 7 days a week – and until today, I am still enjoying it as it has a small and perfect size. As we are a small household, my family receives some great baking treats in this home bakery.

Ideal For Kitchens With Limited Space

Although there had been other Zojirushi models available, the BB-HAC10 is perfect for my small kitchen and very versatile to use. This appliance does everything for me and fills my home with freshly baked goodies. The machine is easy to use with three different bread settings while baking one-pound loaves of bread.

You can bake from firm to soft bread and regular. Even the crust choice is great as we enjoy a crust that is a bit on the darker side, although still has a great texture on the inside. You can bake from pasta/cookie dough to prepare some delicious treats. While the quick baking cycle has a fresh loaf of bread baked in less than two hours. The menu settings are easy to use for baking your basic bread, French bread, cake, quick bread, jam, and cookie & pasta dough.

Watch the baking cycle through the provided view window or set the appliance with the available 13-hour delayed timer if you need to go out for a while. You even receive an easy to understand manual, video, and a great recipe book.

Even, the bread shape is almost square and takes up little space.

First Impression

When you look at the Zojirushi BB-HAC10, they look similar to the brands warmers and boilers. The LCD display is easy to follow and presents you with a wide choice of settings. It has a unique timer that prepares the ingredients added to optimal temperature before the baking cycle starts. In addition, if you prefer to bake other goodies instead of bread you simply select a setting and the appliance does it for you.

The only thing that you will find is that it does not have an option for selecting the time of bake, rise, and knead. The baking pan is a vertical size and you need to take care when removing the bread pan as it is very hot. Cleaning the appliance is easy as both the baking pan and the provided kneading blade is nonstick coated.

Moreover, always remember to read the provided instruction manual on how to use your appliance as there is important information about measuring the ingredients, using the baking settings, and cleaning it. Baking with this bread machine is a pleasure, even when adding fruit and nuts as it incorporates the ingredients well.

Using the settings for baking jam, cookies, pasta dough, and croissants are easy and it will surprise you as it bakes perfectly. Baking the treats leaves no aftertaste and keeps the texture, moist and fresh for a long time.

Benefits, Specifications and Features of the BB-HAC10

  • Provides you with one-pound loaves of bread that are suitable for two to three people
  • Designed with a 13-hour delay timer that is great for setting when you need to go out quickly
  • It bakes bread in less than 2 hours
  • The settings are simple to use and you can choose from basic, soft, or firm bread textures while choosing your crust setting from light to regular, baking French bread, cookie/pasta dough, jam, cake baker, and quick baking
  • Has a slim design and compact measuring in at 8 x 11 x 12-inches while weighing in at 13.3 pounds
  • Has an add ingredient signal for adding extra ingredients
  • Designed with a large viewing window and comfortable handles, for ease of moving around
  • The bread maker does lack programmable settings, but still presents you with a wide choice of baking settings
  • Designed with separate settings for making other goodies such as jams, dough and more
  • Your receive included nonstick baking pan and one kneading blade, instruction manual & recipe book, measuring cup & spoon with an extra 1-year warranty
  • This model is portable enough to take it with you when on vacation
  • Designed with a removable lid and steam vent

BB-HAC10 Customer Reviews

Before deciding on buying this best overall bread machine, I read loads of available Zojirushi BB-HAC10 reviews online. This model has some satisfied customers and fans even if it does lack programmable features (and has never bothered me.) Small families are pleased when using the bread maker and some enjoy the keeping warm feature.

Advantages and Disadvantages while using the BB-HAC10


  • It mixes all the ingredients well when use and great for mixing dough for pasta, cookies, and pizza
  • The delay timer is great if you prefer having a freshly baked bread when waking up in the morning
  • Only makes 1-pound loaves of bread and suitable for a small family
  • Has a small footprint that fits perfectly into a small kitchen
  • It is easy to use
  • Compact enough for taking with you when on holiday
  • The handles are durable and great when you need to move the appliance
  • The LCD control panel is easy to use


  • Not practical for large families when making bread
  • Does not come with a backlit LCD display and can be difficult to read
  • Not designed with an automatic dispenser, however, does have audible sound for adding your additional ingredients
  • You cannot cancel the rest cycle

Final Thoughts

It is always a pleasure to use my Zojirushi BB-HAC10 bread home baker. If you are in need of an affordable and simple machine – this is the one to have. It provides you with just the right settings to make any type of goodies from bread to jams. This appliance is perfect and fits in with any home décor and suitable for small kitchens, especially if you live in a small apartment. It has a durable design, compact, and modern. Moreover, best of all it provides you with fresh bread at any time with the 13-hour delayed timer. With the good reviews and product rating, nothing compares with this versatile home baker.

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