Do you own a bread machine? What machine do you own or are you in need of buying one? With the previously supplied BB-PAC20 review, I decided to provide you with its brother that a very close friend of mine owns the Zojirushi BB-CEC20.

Comparing these two models presents you with not much difference except for some minor features. I have watched her use her king of bread machines quite often and as I do own the brother of this appliance decided that, it is just as good as a helper when it comes to baking bread and some well-known treats.

The King of Bread Machines

The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 has a stainless steel design and available with a wide selection of pre-programmed menus that are customizable, for instance, the rise, bake settings, and knead with a 13-hour delayed timer.

You receive a dual kneading blade with a removable baking pan that also makes only 2-pound loaves of bread. Baking bread in this appliance is done in about two hours and as its brother; it has a large viewing window. Compared to the BB-PAC20 you do not receive an automated pause function to be able to keep an eye on the baking cycle by opening the lid.

The design of the appliance is big, and on the heavy side, you would want to find a safe place for it to stand without the need of moving it around. You receive a great instruction manual with detailed and specific instructions that you need to follow in making a perfect loaf of bread while the recipe book offers you some great easy to read and use recipes.

The bread machine makes a traditional loaf of bread that is high-quality bread. Both the BB-CEC20 and the BB-PAC20 bakes equally well with its removable baking pan with dual kneading blades. There is one major difference and that is that the BB-CEC20 model does not have a heater on the top of the lid for making a perfectly browned crust.

However, if you do prefer a softer crust, this model is perfect at what it does and cheaper than its counterpart is.

The Bread Machine handles different types of bread

Make your own delicious gluten-free dough by following the recipe book and a smart appliance. It is simple to use, offers you multiple options, and comes with a DVD making the use a little easier. The Zojirushi website has a helpful video as well. The favorite on this machine is the delay-start and preheat cycle function that my friend uses quite a lot.

When the appliance is used, the bread does not stick and pops out without any problems while the large viewing window is great as well. It has a stable design and durable when used and a bit louder than some other competitors on the market, especially during the mixing and kneading cycle. The appliance has a stainless steel design with black or white trimmings.

It is versatile to use for baking bread, jams, cakes, and meatloaf in both taste and texture. The bread is like buying it from the shop or your local bakery. Simply use it by adding the ingredients in the correct way, push a button, and after 90 minutes, you have a fresh loaf of bread with the aroma filling the air.

Make pizza dough, dinner rolls, sweet bread, breadsticks and more operating are endless. The baking pan and kneading blades are made of PFTE and non-stick and can wear out over time as my friend has used hers allot.

The lid, unfortunately, does not remove as some of the older brand models, but not a huge problem.

Specifications, Benefits, and Features

  • The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 makes a traditional 2-pound loaf of bread
  • Bake your bread in less than 2-hours or choose when you would like to bake a bread with the 13-hour delayed timer
  • Designed with stainless steel finish with either a white or black top
  • The viewing window is large and designed with different pre-programmed settings for making a basic bread, cake, dough for pizza, jam, French, homemade and more
  • Receive an instructional manual with recipe book, DVD, removable non-stick baking pan with dual kneading paddles, a measuring cup & spoon
  • 1-year Limited Warranty
  • It has nine baking modes with three crust settings; light, medium, dark
  • It is fully programmable from setting it for kneading, baking and rising
  • Keep starters warm for 2 hours as it has a sourdough cycle
  • Automated beeping sound for adding nuts & fruits
  • Not dishwasher safe and ROHS compliant
  • Dimension 18.88 inches by 12.81 inches by 13.56 inches and weighs in at 20 pounds 9-5/8 by 17 by 12-1/5 inches

Customer Remarks

Almost, all the customers who have bought the older model when it comes to the Zojirushi BB-CEC20 reviews love the fact that it is an affordable product. It has a superb color design and fits in with any kitchen décor. It makes great bread and a variety of goodies from jam, pizza dough, sourdough starters and more. The fact that you can program it is great as there are only a few brands of bread makers available that is customizable. The bread is horizontally shaped with a great texture and perfect crust when made.

Pros and Cons while using the BB-CEC20


  • The dual mixing paddles are great for combining and kneading ingredients
  • The horizontal shaped bread is quite close to traditional bread
  • It is versatile to use with different types of recipes including gluten-free recipes
  • Designed from durable stainless steel and works quietly
  • The audible beep is great for adding ingredients like fruit and nuts
  • The instruction manual is easy to understand and if you do not understand the provided DVD and video found on the manufacturers’ website is great and easy to understand
  • A wide range of settings while the delay timer is great to use as well


Compared to the BB-PAC20 it does not have an automated pause function and extra heating element found on the top of the lid while it is a bit larger and heavy to move around.


The Zojirushi BB-CEC20 bread machine does it all except for adding the ingredients. This home bakery supreme is top of its range with a wide range of settings that includes a sourdough starter, homemade function, and jam making. The programmable settings are great! Use it with your own specifications. My friend and other users are very pleased with the product as it makes great tasting bread.

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