Are you a newbie bread maker user or have you tried making your first bread in it? We know how excited you were when packing the new appliance out and setting up. You followed the instructions to prepare it for making a fresh loaf of bread.

However, oh my things did not come out as you expected it to be. The bread is too dense so what can be wrong. We are here to help you make your bread less dense. However, before we get to making delicious recipes here are some secrets for beginners to help you on your way.

Six Secrets for Newbie Bread Machine Users

As a newbie, the bread maker can be confusing even if you did read the manual. Once you unpacked it and washed all the parts, you may find the following recommendations not mentioned in the manual.

  • Start simple – for the first time user get a bread machine mix to observe the consistency of the dough. Start with pizza dough, dinner roll, or make white bread. The reason to make a white one instead of whole grain flour dough is that it can be tricky.
  • Be careful with substitutes – using whole-wheat instead absorbed different amounts of moisture and gluten. While regular and instant yeast needs to be handled differently.
  • Never fear to open the lid – you can open the top after ten minutes throughout the mixing process to peek. Check to see if you added the blade or push it down into a proper position. The dough may be too moist, and you need to add a tablespoon of flour. Sometimes the mixture is to dry and slaps loudly against the sides and requires a tablespoon of water.
  • Use the dough cycle only – yes we know you want to make the bread in the appliance. However, sometimes it is better to mix the dough in the machine and bake it in the oven. By doing this, you have more control and get a better crust.
  • Get quality bake wares – if you are serious about baking invest in heavy-duty pans with a dark finish helps to make a perfect loaf of bread in the oven.  
  • Important warning – make sure the temperature in the home is not too cold as the dough may not rise twofold in the machine. Move the bread machine to a warmer spot as room temperature makes a huge difference.

Now that we have covered, the basics and you still want to try the bread maker to make a fresh loaf of bread read further.

How to Prevent the Bread from Being Too Dense

When the mixture of the dough is too dense, there are possible reasons why it is happening. The first thing is dead yeast caused by the heat of the water. The second one is that there is not enough gluten or damaged. Thirdly, there was not enough kneading, and lastly, there was not enough rising time.

The problem is that the appliance cannot detect these things and you will have to play around with the recipes by doing the following:

  1. Keep the wet ingredients cool – this applies to regular yeast with water before you add it to the mixture. Always make sure you mix it with not too hot milk or water as it can kill it and cause it not to rise properly. The room temperature should not be more than 95°.
  2. Add some gluten to the mixture – this applies when you use whole-wheat flour as it differs from all-purpose flour. The powder has more brands and breaks the gluten down. What the gluten does is act as a glue to keep the dough together. If there is not enough of the substance, it prevents the mixture from rising. You can use a gluten enhancer to make it fluffier.
  3. Make sure the dough is kneaded correctly – if you do not manipulate it enough the bread will be dense. By working, the dough through releases gluten and yeast to form air bubbles making it fluffy and light. Make use of the extending kneading for up to three minutes and the extended rising cycle for up to 30-minutes extra.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the tips help you to make delicious bread that is not too dense. By following the above steps and playing around with your bread machine allows you to see what works best. Always make sure the temperatures correct when preparing the mixture. The more temperature you can give it the better the dough will be. Enjoy your bread machine as you can use it to dish up some delicious treats for the family. Make sure to read our article about what you can make with the bread maker here.

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