Typically, you bake bread in the oven but who has time to do the preparations to enjoy a fresh loaf of bread for breakfast these days. However, with a bread maker, this is possible. Maybe you received one as a present and not sure, what you can make in the kitchen appliance. We are here to tell you there are many unexpected things you can make in the bread machine. Once you read the article, you will be amazed at what your new present can dish up. You can even find some helpful recipes included.

What Do You Make In Your Bread Maker?

The simple answer is bread off course! However, what if we told you there are many things you can make with the appliance. A fact is that you can use that sleeping beast to prepare exquisite meals at affordable prices.

Yes, you can make more than bread. With your appliance, you can stir, heat and bake. However, it still comes down to the type of bread maker you have and best to read the manual first.

Here are some exciting recipes you can start preparing in the kitchen appliance:

Delicious Breakfast

Scrambled Eggs

What you can make breakfast, yes you can, and it turns out great. Furthermore, it is easy to make by doing the following:

  • Use the number of eggs you need and whisk it with melted butter, milk, salt, and pepper
  • Grease the pan with non-stick vegetable spray
  • Pour in the mixture and use the jam setting for the eggs to cook

Now once the eggs are done, you can even make some homemade tomato sauce to go with it. Take crushed tomatoes, salt, olive oil, chopped onions, pepper, minced garlic, and red wine optional. Place all the ingredients in the bread machine and use the jam setting and cook for an hour. Oh yes, leave the paddles in as it mixes the ingredients. The only downside is the paste might be a bit thin, but you can add tomato paste for a thicker texture.

Prepare Meals for Dinner


How many times have you left the rice on the stove and it overcooked or burnt? Maybe you want to get yourself a rice machine. Stop right there, go and get out that bread machine and reconsider your decision. You can make perfect rice in it with the same standards as a rice cooker.

The only difference is it will take a bit longer, but you can quickly prepare some stew in that time. All you need is rice, water, salt, butter, and your bread maker. Place the ingredients in the machine and set to bake for up to an hour. Therefore, if your appliance only has the bake option, you can make your rice in it.


While we are on the subject of making stew, did you know you could make a casserole in the bread maker? Pull out that dusty beast, fire it up by removing the paddles, and give it good grease on the inside with non-stick oil. Depending on the casserole, you plan to make, layer the sauce and cooked pasta in the bucket. Now top it with breadcrumbs, cheese, and bake for 45-minutes.


The dish is perfect for lunch and dinner and instead of visiting a restaurant make one at home in the bread maker. Take some quality ground sirloin, chopped onions, sliced mushrooms, garlic powder to taste, chopped parsley, breadcrumbs, beaten egg, and salt & pepper.

Mix the ingredients, remove the paddle, and use the quick bread cycle if you have one.   


Use the bread machine to prepare any soup leaving the paddles inside and tossing the ingredients into it. Use the jam setting or a regular one to simmer it.

Something for Dessert

As the cost of living rises, there is no need of buying an expensive cake for dessert when you can make it in the bread machine. You will need flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, vanilla, salt, and oil. Spray the baking pan with non-stick vegetable oil and place the ingredients mixed into it. Use the crust setting on medium or regular and use the cake menu setting available, press start and get going. If you do not have a cake cycle, you can use the quick bread one.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Bread Maker

The above recipes are a simple way to prepare delicious meals quickly using your bread machine. Nevertheless, maybe you have other question related to using the appliance. Here are some answered questions that you may have on your mind.

  • Can you make croissants in the bread maker?

Yes and no as you can use the appliance to prepare the dough and make it in the oven. To make the best French croissants takes time, as you need to knead, wait, chill, roll, pack, chill, roll again, and have patience. Here you use your bread maker to make the dough and helps to speed up the process using the dough program. Another tip is to leave the mixture in the fridge for up to 16-hours. Once you have made your croissants, you can save money by making jam in the appliance if you have a jam setting.

Recipe for Making Strawberry Jam

All you need is strawberries, lemon juice, pectin optional, and granulated sugar. Cut the fruits in half and mash gently with a potato masher. Place it in the bread maker, add the rest of the ingredients, and set it on the jam setting. Once the cycles completed, transfer to an immersion blender, pulse, and place in jars.

  • Can the bread maker make the dough?

Yes, as the bread maker can sometimes provide you with towering loaves and best baked in an oven. The appliance does all the hard work of mixing the dough, and all you need to do is transfer it to your regular loaf pans for baking. Set the apparatus to the dough setting, and it will do the rest from kneading to the first rise. If you do not have the dough setting keep an eye on it and once completing the first rise and punched down remove it from the machine.

  • Can the bread machine make pizza dough?

Using the kitchen appliance makes the best pizza dough. You can pour warm water into the pan, add the flour on top, and sprinkle with sugar and salt for taste. Now top it with yeast and set it with the dough setting. Once completed you can transfer the pizza dough to a surface the floured surface.

  • Can you make rolls in the bread maker?

You cannot make the rolls inside the appliance, but you can use it to prepare the dough. In the pan place, all the ingredients you need to make the buns. Select the dough setting and once done remove and place it onto a floured surface. Now you can make the rolls in the oven.

  • Can you make pasta dough in the bread machine?

All you need to do is add the flour, salt, oil, and eggs to the appliance and use the dough setting for 10 minutes. Remove the mixture, cut it into eight chunks, and feed it through your pasta maker.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are different foods you can prepare in the bread maker. Sometimes the name of the appliance is confusing. However, the cooking gadget saves you money and time as there is no need of buying different machines. With the slow and steady cooking, you can make the same meals you make in the oven or stove. Furthermore, it will not burn and does not come out under-cooked.

Try out different recipes to make bread, rolls, pizza, and even croissants. You can find hundreds of ways to bring recipes to life in one of them. So head up to the attic or basement, take out your trusty old friend, and give it a good cleaning. If you do not already have one, it is time to get one.

Considering all the meals mentioned here you might find something, we have not discussed here. Feel free to let us know, as we would love to hear from you.

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