In my wildest dreams, I have never thought that I would ever own a bread maker much to say a Panasonic SD-BMT1000 Home Bakery. I am not a big gadget fan! However, I live in a small apartment and only have a microwave to cook meals and have been craving for baking fresh bread and baked goodies.

Well, I have found the perfect home bakery in this appliance for a good reason as it bakes everything that I like.

A Superb Home Bakery For Good Reason

I have never been fond of baking; however, living in my small apartment with only my microwave the bread machine bandwagon has caught up with me. A while back, a work colleague of mine brought me some fresh bread made from her brand new bread machine the Panasonic SD-BMT1000. The bread tasted light with a tender texture while the crust was chewy and made in this Japanese style home baker.

Struggling for a while, I finally decided that it is time to get myself one and tempted as it can make up to 34 different types of dough from pasta, bagels, noodles, cheesecake and more. With this machine now standing in my apartment I have, no need of ever buying bread treats ever again!

After having a long discussion with my work colleague and visiting her for a demonstration of this model, I was hooked, and my only concern was the fact that it is a Japanese import and all the information (you guessed right) is in Japanese.

Once I received the model, my eyes kept rolling over the user guide, and low and behold, I could not find one English version available online, however, did find some reviews where they advised people that you can use the Google Translate app that did help tremendously. (So, people if you do find one, please let us know, it would be a great help.)

I started making nametags for my unit that took a while and is helping a lot. The model itself has a dark purple color and produces a tall loaf 1-pound bread all depending on the recipe in 1 – 3 hours. Another great feature is the 10 – 13-hour delay timers.

What you receive

Once I received my unit I was like a little girl unwrapping a present and packing everything out. You receive oven mitts, a measuring spoon, 2 different measuring cups, and the Japanese instruction manual and the funniest of all is the pink color of the measuring spoon. Another, important thing you also need to remember is that this model is made for home use and not for commercial use.

Ease of use

Once you master the use of the bread maker, it is easy to use and only makes one size loaf of bread that is great for a small family. The Panasonic SD-BMT1000 has a fruit & nut and yeast dispenser that automatically releases the ingredients at the right time.

It has a ridiculous amount of pre-programmed settings 34 to be exact and for your interest includes some of the followings:

  • Soft bread
  • 60-minute bread
  • Dough
  • Chocolate
  • Pasta
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Brioche
  • Rice bread
  • Rye bread
  • Compote (fruit preserved syrup or jam)
  • Mochi bread and more

One of these features I love is the chocolate setting that makes chocolate in 17 minutes and the manual teaches you how to make dark to white chocolate by using the machine. The manual is packed with different recipes the only thing is that you need to translate them and for some may be a bit of a slept.  

Another unique feature is the composite setting that makes compote (jam) in 90 minutes while the LCD menu is easy to use once understanding the language. Another great setting is the marble bread it makes and you can make different fancy marble loaves by adding your own additional ingredients to spice it up.

With these settings you select how chewy you want your bread as it controls the glutinous or make it fluffy and of course again the marble that amazes me all the time when you use it.

Benefits and Features of This Amazing Bread Maker

  • The home baker only makes a tall 1-pound loaf of bread that is suitable for a small family
  • You can bake bread in 1 – 3 hours and it has a 13-hour delay timer
  • Designed in a modern purple color with an automatic fruit/nut and yeast dispenser
  • The LCD display is large and easy to understand once you get to know the Japanese descriptions
  • Comes with a multitude of pre-programmed settings
  • The baking pan is removable and you receive two kneading paddles one for bread dough and one for making pasta
  • For a shorter time in baking bread, you have a 60-minute setting
  • Set the texture of your bread with three different settings; potato, fluffy and traditional
  • Dimensions: 24.1 cm x 30.4 cm x 34.7 cm and weighs 5.6 kg
  • One-year limited warranty

What customers think about the Home Baker

There are quite a few Panasonic SD-BMT1000 reviews available online. These range from personal reviews to those bought directly from Amazon. As this is a direct import from Japan and the instruction manual is only available in Japanese it seems as if customers are a bit reluctant in buying this model. However, those who have bought it directly from Amazon is pleased with the model as it makes more than only 12 different settings for bread. They like the fact that the machine is very functional and has so many different settings to choose. Moreover, yes, the biggest complaint is that it is in Japanese!

Pros and Cons Regarding the SD-BMT1000


  • The bread maker is stylishly designed and you will love the purple color
  • Once you understand the home baker you will find it easy to use
  • It is a versatile machine that presents you with 34 different settings for making different delicious goodies from bread, chocolate, dough, pasta, and more
  • The two separate provided dispensers for adding your nuts & fruits and yeast is out of this world
  • The delay timer is great if you want a freshly baked loaf of bread for breakfast
  • You can even make jams
  • The 60-minute express bake is great


The only problem you will have is the user guide, and it would be great if Panasonic provides an English manual for this machine with English descriptions of the settings as well – but what can one expect if this home baker is made for selling in Japan only.


Enough about complaining about the Japanese manual – the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 is a great home baker for the price they are selling presently. If you are in need of a bread maker that can do more than just bake bread this is the one to have. You can be reassured once this model is standing on your countertop baking new recipes will not become tedious and you can be sure it will not end up in the attic.

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