Breadmakers are small yet smart appliances that are known to make your kitchen life easier by baking perfect loaves to offer fresh,healthy and warm pieces of bread to your family every time which is quite affordable rather than buying them from a bakery. If you’ve got one of these breadmakers for your convenience, then you really need to know how to clean them to keep it maintained.

Proper cleaning and maintenance will make your appliance to run longer and efficiently for many years. You might be thinking that it is a hassle to clean it every day but it’s not because the dirtier your breadmaker gets, the harder it will be to clean it while giving it quick cleaning on daily basis after using it will save you from actual hassle of cleaning it hard after several uses.Instead,it will help to keep your bread machine in great working condition for several years in the future. Taking good care by proper cleaning as guided in user manual will also help you to avoid many troubles with appliances that often arise mainly due to poor maintenance.

You may find many tutorials on the Internet on how to clean your bread machine or you can read your User manual thoroughly to learn it. However, we have also discussed below best and simple step by step method to clean your breadmaker for your convenience.

Unplug your machine

Firstly unplug your bread machine and let it cool down. Don’t try to clean or wipe it while it’s hot and plugged. Unplugging is for a safety measure to avoid any trouble like accidentally switching on while you’re hands are on it.

Cleaning outsides of the machine

After the machine is cool enough, take the vinegar dipped soft damp cloth and wipe down the outside of machine. You can use old toothbrush (Not wet but only dry one) to clean the nooks and crannies like air vents of the machine and scrub the gunks with it to remove the crumbs and flour which is actual mess sticking to the exterior of machine.

Interior cleaning

Remove the bread pan and other removable parts such as nut dispenser to clean the interior of the machine.This is risky area of the machine so you have to be very careful with cleaning. Don’t pour water directly for rinsing. Use slightly dampened soft cloth or sponge for gentle wiping.

Dough mess

Don’t attempt to clean the moist dough sticking to lid and sides of the bread machine, Instead allow it to completely dry by opening the lid. Dried dough will easily come off. Now you can gently clean the whole lid and sides from remaining dough.

In case you find dough fallen in the heating element of the machine, make sure it is switched off and unplugged and then clean it following the aforementioned procedure but using slightly dampened microfibre cloth for cleaning.

Spilled liquids

You can clean any spilled liquid to the inside of breadmaker by wiping it carefully with cloth dipped in mixture of mild detergent and warm water. Make sure the cloth is properly wringed to avoid falling of water droplets inside while wiping the spilled area.

Cleaning the heating element

Heating element is very sensitive and risky part of machine so in-order to clean it, don’t use detergent as it may catch fire. Dip microfibre soft cloth in warm water and wring it dry before carefully wiping the dirt like fallen crumbs or other spilt mess along the entire length of the heating element. You can repeat the process to make sure its fully cleaned.

Cleaning breadpan

Some parts are dishwasher friendly and you can place bread pan and dispenser in the dishwasher but we recommend to wash these with your hands gently to prolong the life of these parts and breadmaker. Soak pan for ten to fifteen minutes by filling it with water and then gently wash it with hot and soapy water using soft surfaces like sponge or cloth suitable for non-stick surfaces. Scrubbing it with hard things like a dish brush,steel wool,dry towel or other rough things can cause scratching which will damage non-stick coating further leading it to rust.

Washing other removable parts

To clean the dough hook,canister and bread paddle from batter, remove them and soak in water for few minutes, then gently wash it with detergent and hot water and allow it to dry before placing it back in the breadmaker.

Air dry all the attachments before placing these back to reassemble the bread machine.

And you’re all done with cleaning..!

You might find it long process but once you start cleaning regularly your bread machine after every use, you will get used to this and find it more convenient.

TIPS to remember:

Besides these steps, there are some following do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind to avoid any problem:

  • Water can get into circuitry part of your appliance and result into damage, so “Never” use water for rinsing or directly pour it inside the breadmaker.
  • Act quick and efficiently by cleaning your breadmaker carefully right after it’s unplugged and cooled down because the mess of unbaked dough spills may turn hard like cement if left longer.
  • Never use rough materials for scrubbing as they result in scratching of non-stick surface. Also use of any harsh chemical cleaner for washing and cleaning may damage the protective finish of your bread machine.
  • You can vacuum the base of the machine to suck up the small breadcrumbs using the little wand or other crevice tools with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Always read manual for better guidance and well maintenance of your breadmaker.

So remember and keep following these steps and tips to prolong the life of your bread machine so that you could enjoy easy baking with it for many upcoming years.

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