I enjoy playing around with kitchen appliances and as I enjoy playing around with them I take my time when in need of buying one. As I am on a tight budget and presented with an opportunity to buy myself a bread maker the research started on finding the best one suited for my budget and me. It is not every day that your husband gives you a budget and tells you that you can buy yourself anything. This is where I came to a crossroad with the Hamilton Beach Home Baker, as there are two models available.

To my surprise after contacting the manufacturer, they surprised me by saying that there was not much difference between their 29881 and 29882 models, except for the color as the one is white and the other is black. Moreover, I finally decided to buy myself the 29882 instead as I love black and fit in nicely with my kitchen décor.

Comparing the Two Hamilton Beach Home Baker Models

Although I did buy my Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 directly from Amazon – I still decided to look at them at a local seller to see them for myself. Furthermore, as previously mentioned, there is not much difference between them.

What they do have that is similar is the fact that I do not have to work the model manual and fully automated when it comes to bread making. Preparing the mixture is easy and done in three simple steps from adding the ingredients, selecting the baking cycle, and pressing the provided start button. Both bread makers have 12 baking functions that include:

  • Gluten-free bread
  • French
  • Basic bread
  • Whole grain
  • 1.5 pound express
  • 2 pound express
  • Jam
  • Bake
  • Sweet
  • Whole grain
  • Dough
  • Cake

They both provide you with setting your crust color from light, medium to dark and make a perfect loaf of bread. If you are making fruit bread, the audible reminder tells you when it is time to start adding your fruit and nuts as it notify you with a beeping sound while adding it to the dispenser.

Another superb feature is the auto warm feature commonly found in many other brands available on the market. I love this feature as fresh warm bread is great with real butter and it keeps the bread warm up to an hour. Both the models have a 13-hour delay timer so you can bake your bread close to the early morning or when you like.

The only differences between the two models

There are some minor differences between the two Hamilton Beach HomeBaker models and that is the specifications when it comes to the color, weight, and measurements. The 29881 model has a white finish and measuring 12.01 inches x 15.28 inches x 11.02 inches and weighs in at 15 pounds. While my 29882 has a black finish and measure 12.2 inches x 14.14 inches x 10.43 inches and only weighs in at 12.80 making it a tad smaller with a superb footprint if you are limited for space.

User Friendliness

The Hamilton Beach HomeBaker is very user-friendly, and great if you are a beginner like me. Setting up the unit is simple as the machine is highly intuitive and by following the instruction manual, you are on your way to baking some delicious bread for your family to enjoy (I know mine do.) When it comes to kneading the dough, it does wonders, as I do not have to do it and is a great time saver.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Another great thing is that both models are easy to maintain and clean. The kneading blades remove easily and help with the cleaning process. You receive an additional paddle for both models to use the one if the other is dirty while the pan and the paddles are dishwasher safe if you’re privileged to own one.

Benefits and Key Features of the Hamilton Beach Home Baker

  • It provides a large loaf capacity to make 1.5 pound or 2-pound bread loaves
  • Bakes bread super fast in an hour and has a 13-hour delayed timer that is great when adding ingredients
  • Has a built-in audible reminder for adding your nuts and fruits or any other ingredients
  • The pan is nonstick and both the pan and paddles are dishwasher safe – includes an additional kneading paddle
  • Has a 12 pre-programmed cycle setting for making different types of bread, cake, jam and more
  • Has three crust selections to choose from: light, medium to dark
  • Designed with an extra large viewing window found on the top of the models
  • Available in both white and black

What clients are saying

If you do not believe me, see for yourself what customers have to say at Amazon regarding some of the best Hamilton Breach HomeBaker reviews. Even though these models come with a low price tag, both models have earned some great respect from users who have bought them. They are pleased that the models do what they expect from them and that is making bread. It bakes the bread with a lovely crust and even the texture is tasty.

 Pros and Cons Related To These Models


  • Most definitely a budget friendly appliance and packed with features
  • The fact that the pan and blades are removable and dishwasher safe makes cleaning easier
  • The additional kneading paddles provided is great when I need to make another loaf of bread and the other one is waiting to be washed
  • I am very forgetful at times, especially when I am busy and the audible reminder has helped me a lot when I need to add ingredients
  • Replacement parts are readily available if needed
  • The 1-year limited warranty offered is great


The only downside I found when I bought this model is that the recipe book is a bit unorganized and all the recipes packed onto each page, however, you can find some great recipes online directly from Hamilton Beach.

Highly Recommended

Each of you has your own preferences when it comes to kitchen appliances and my preference when it came to buying a bread maker is the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29881/29882. The units low priced compared to other makes and great if you are on a tight budget like most of us. You will not be sorry if you do buy one of these models, as it is a great time saver when it comes to feeding your family healthy bread and great if they need gluten-free bread. They are fast and provide you with the best baking experience and I can highly recommend either one!

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