Have you ever became tired of feeding your family foods made with unneeded chemicals well, I have – one of my main concerns on the list of foods was bread. I wanted a bread maker; however, was not sure which model I should get for my family. After doing thorough research, I finally decided on buying myself the Breville BBM800XL custom loaf bread maker.

What stood out for me the most about this appliance is the fruit and nut dispenser as my family loves raisin bread. The fact is that this feature stood out for me the most and all the other characteristics of this best bread maker are great. Here is what I found while using my favorite appliance in the kitchen.


Yes, I am still going on about the automatic fruit and nut dispenser that is great, but aside from this the unit comes with two different sets of mixing paddles to make your life a little bit easier (no more kneading dough with the hands, yeah!) The first set of paddles are great for kneading bread, while the other set is great for making your favorite jam right on the inside of the machine.

The unit itself fits in with my kitchen furnishings and can take up some space if your tabletops on the cramped side (9.6” x 16.4” long x 13.3” deep) while the outer surface of the Breville BBM800XL is stainless steel (but not too thick) and I am very careful when I work with it. The LCD display is easy to understand and read and it displays 13 automatic settings (any cooks dream). The LCD display has a light that you can see inside the machine and there is no need of opening it.


While doing my research I found that this bread machine must be the easiest unit to operate as it provides you with different automatic settings:

  • Preheat that many other units do not have and you need it when making bread dough
  • Knead 1
  • Knead 2
  • Rise 1
  • Rise 2
  • It also has punch down times with the first two rise phases and rise 3
  • It has an optional bake and keep warm setting to keep your bread warm

Another great feature is that you can save your custom settings for convenience and makes your life a little easier. The owner’s manual is very detailed while you receive a one-year limited warranty.

A Very Smart Bread Maker

The BBM800XL, in my opinion, is a very smart bread maker. You have more than 60 different recipes to choose from and this unit makes it all. Why, because it has a clever interface that computes the temperature and baking time when you select programs while the turn and confirm dial gets you started. You can select a time that you want your bread to be ready and it adds nuts and fruit at the right time to create a perfect fruit and nut loaf.

When I bake bread, I bake and this unit provides me with different loaf sizes that include 1 pound, 1 ½ pound, and 2 ½ pound bread loaves. Moreover, the best of all is that you can even make gluten-free bread, dough for pizza and dough for pasta (how great is that) while choosing your crust color from light, medium, and dark.

Benefits and Features

  • The bread maker makes three different loaf sizes: 1 pound, 1 ½ pound, and 2 ½ pound
  • The unit bakes your bread in 3 hours and has a 13-hour delay timer
  • It’s designed with a smart backlit LCD display with progress indicator
  • You have 13 automatic settings with three crust color options
  • You can store your personal preferences as it comes with 9 custom settings
  • It has a pause function for shaping decorative crusts
  • Provides you with a weight/temp conversion button and alerts you with a muting button
  • For ease of viewing it has a light
  • You receive 46 recipes that you can follow step-by-step
  • The kneading paddles are collapsible and you receive two sets of paddles
  • The Breville BBM800XL has a stainless steel design
  • The baking pan is removable
  • You receive a 1-year limited warranty

What Do Customers Think of This Bread Machine

This bread machine comes highly recommended by many different users with some positive results. Take Amazon, for instance, clients have rated this unit very high when it comes to the Breville BBM800XL reviews. Many of them agree that this is one of the smartest and best bread machines out there. They love the automatic features, the automatic dispenser, and usability. They even love the fact that the manuals packed with recipes and you do not need to look for more recipes to bake.

While the positive remarks do outweigh the negative ones there are still some clients who have complained that the bread maker has burned their bread slightly on the sides. However, one can easily deal with this problem, as you need to follow the recipes and use of directions to a T.

Pros and Cons Regarding the Breville Bread Machine


  • What I like about my unit is that is made of high-quality material and is easy to keep clean
  • It makes a perfect loaf of bread and you do not need to be an experienced baker as the provide automatic programs are great to use
  • It can even make pull-apart rolls and my kids love pizza so making the dough is a breeze
  • It works quietly even during the night and the light is great when I stand up during the night without the need of putting on the kitchen light
  • The manual provides you with ample recipes and tips
  • And yes, again the automatic dispenser for your fruit and nuts
  • The pan size is great for making different sized loaves of bread
  • The LCD screen is fantastic and easy to understand and read


The only problem I had found is that the bread maker is a bit finicky when it comes to the ingredient quantities. However, have mastered it, use a bigger bread loaf size, and found that the smaller bread loaves are a bit on the uneven side at times but not train smash.

Still the Best Bread Machine

As you can see, I am still excited about my Breville BBM800XL even with the little flaws it has. As it goes with any appliance, nothing is perfect man made it and man is not perfect! It is everything you need when you want to make your own wholesome bread and a great machine. If you have some extra cash to spare and in need of the best bread machine, it is a bit on the pricey side but worth every penny I have spent. It is easy to use and clean and I can go on and on about this unit. If you love to bake bread and an avid baker you are not going to be disappointed with it as it will save you time and pay for itself over time – it is worth it!

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