Welcome to our Bread Machine page – the place where we have an obsession we want to share with you and that is the best bread machines! Why do we have this obsession? That is because these little working robots have become one of the most popular appliances standing in your kitchen. Our obsession started when we wanted to buy a friend of ours a bread maker as a gift. At first, we did not know which one to buy – what models are the best as there is a wide selection of models to choose.

Join us on our bread adventure to help you find one that will suit your budget and stand proudly on your kitchen countertop. Read different bread machine reviews from devoted customers and walk the journey with us where we will provide you with some informative information found on our blog.

The Three Best Bread Machines To Buy

Unlike the bread maker decades ago, today’s appliances have many new features and settings. They do not make just plain old white bread anymore and are more reliable. Most definitely no, need of breaking your bank when in need of fixing!

Centuries ago making homemade bread was not only time-consuming but back breaking as well as there were no top-loading bread machines. Quite often, your bread would not turn out the way you like it too. However, with these three best bread machines offered here, you will have your home filled with fresh baked bread in no time while enjoying some other fresh baked treats as well.

There is no need of mixing ingredients, breaking your back with kneading the dough, waiting for the time to pass while the bread dough rise or keeping an eye on it while it’s baking. The bread maker does everything for you.

Rating4.2 out of 54.2 out of 54.7 out of 5
Price Range$250 – $300$120 – $200$250 – $250
Warranty1 year3 year1 year
Dimensions (inches)9.5 x 11.9 x 13.613 x 19 x 1618 x 10.5 x 13
Weight (lbs)12.31622.1
Loaf Sizes11, 1 ½ and 21.5 and 2
Kneading BladesSingle (2 included)Single (1 included)Dual (2 included)
Special FeaturesMakes Marble BreadAudible Tone Has crust heater on lid

Choosing The Best Bread Maker Appliance

What should you look for when buying a bread maker? While some of you may look for color, design, or certain preferences, there are certain main features that are unique to these appliances and most important to consider. Here we have listed some of the common characteristics below to get you started. These features will definitely help you before making a choice:

  • Loaf sizes do count: The first and most important feature to consider when shopping for a bread maker is the size of the loaf. Today’s’ top selling bread making appliances provide you with several loaf sizes that range from 1, 1½, 2, 2½, and 3-pound loaves of bread. Many of the latest brands you can adjust the size providing you with a loaf of bread suited for your family. It is best to buy an appliance that is adjustable as different recipes call for different loaf sizes and makes it more flexible. Furthermore, remember to take into consideration that you should eat baked bread made by these machines within two days, as the bread is not the same as store-bought bread that one can keep for a week.
  • The bread shapes important: When looking at the older bread making appliances you could easily see if a loaf of bread came out of a  machine, as they were only capable of producing vertical or square loaves of bread. The latest models available are capable of making rectangular, horizontal, and vertical shapes of bread.
  • The bread pan: Most of the latest models have a removable non-stick bread pan that consists of either a single or a dual kneading blade. One can find them more commonly, but best to make sure that they are removable and non-stick before buying. The non-stick feature is superb as it helps with removing the bread. While some bread pans have wire, handles making the removal process a bit easier for you. Another important consideration is to make sure what the bread pans made off, as bread pans can be either aluminum or made of cast aluminum. Aluminum designed pans provide a thinner and lighter crust while bread pans made from cast aluminum makes the bread crust thicker and darker.
  • Different type of bread: A well-designed bread maker helps you with the process of baking bread as they are programmable and many of them have automatic settings that are more popular amongst users. These appliances automatically adjust to the amount of kneading the dough, baking, and proofing required for the different types of bread it makes. Here you can look if the machine makes gluten-free bread, whole-wheat bread, traditional bread, French bread, and sweetbread. These settings take out the guessing when preparing a particular recipe making your life a little easier.
  • Versatility counts: The latest bread machines have many additional features from making pizza dough, pasta dough, cake, jam and much more. Before considering buying these types of models sit a while and think if you really need them as the majority of these features include premium fees charged and you will be paying for those features. While other machines only provide you with the basics of knead-only and bake-only settings. These features are still very versatile when used as they provide you with removing the dough to use later (knead-only) and bake fruitcake and gingerbread (bake-only) that is great. Other handy features found in most models is the convection cooking method as it presents you with choosing your crust color and consists of light, medium and dark crust setting.
  • Digital Timers, Microprocessors and Rapid-Bake Settings: Another feature that is great and found in most of the latest models is the digital timer as some of them present you with delayed settings, automatic dispenser settings, keeping warm feature and recipe settings that vary from 10 – 30 different programmable features in making different loaves of bread. Some of the most advanced models have a microprocessor design to make sure your delicatessen bakes and cooks delicious at all times. Another great feature found is the rapid bake setting that is superb, as you know bread requires a long time to bake perfectly. Even your basic machine requires a certain time to complete the cycle but many have rapid-bake providing you with a fresh loaf of bread in less than an hour.
  • Accessories: When buying your top-loading bread maker or ingredient dispensing bread machine they come with some accessories from an additional kneading blade, measuring cup and spoon, and the instruction manual packed with some great recipes.
  • Read the best reviews: Each person has their own opinion when it comes to bread making appliances. However, it is important to consider reading the bread machine reviews from customers. Many of them have used the appliance and best to see what they have to say.
  • Pricing: When you look at the size of the model, in general, it does not influence the value of the bread maker. However, the more programmable settings and features they have, the more expensive they tend to be. A higher priced appliance tends to provide you with a more even and prettier loaf of bread than your inexpensive models. As the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” You can find different models that range from $50 to $400. We recommend you buy a high-quality brand like Panasonic, Zojirushi, or the Cuisinart if you are looking for a basic bread machine.

Does Brand Count?

Does brand count when you are in need of buying a bread machine? No, in our opinion, it does not really count and is best to consider the desired features mentioned above. The actual brand does not play a big concern, however, we have found that manufacturers who produce rice cookers, produce high-quality bread making appliances. The reason for this is that the technology used when producing a rice cooker is similar compared to a bread maker. Here are some additional features that you can look at:

  • The majority machines these days are top-loading machine and most convenient to use.
  • The majority of the latest models has indicator lights advising you when cycles are completed.
  • LCD digital display is also commonly found these days and worth looking at them as some of these displays provide you with a clearer view than other trademarks – some are smaller in size while others are larger.
  • Some bread machines do have viewing windows as they make it easier for you to see the progress of the baking cycle – although there have been some reports from users advising that it causes uneven cooking and the most models available are fully automated.
  • Safety fuses are a great concern and these machines should include them – if not included this causes great concern, especially if you have a power outage.
  • You will find that some of these appliances have power interruption protection that is great when the power is out – this is helpful as the unit remembers where the cycle ended and picks up where it left off. This is not a standard feature, but useful.
  • A bread maker is known to move around a bit while working and you will find that some models slide across the counter and best to buy one that has a secure base to keep it standing in one place.
  • Color design may be high on your list if your bread machine is standing on your countertop at all times – the most common finishes included stainless steel (very durable), white or black and most of them fit in with any kitchen decor.
  • Another feature that you may find on certain models included are the rack that you can use when baking specialty treats and these models tend to be more expensive.

Make The Most Of Your Bread Maker

Make the most of your appliance, as it is important to keep it lasting a long time – as we all know money does not grow on trees. Here you will find some helpful tips to make the most of your bread maker.

  • Follow the instruction found in your manual

In general, you will be adding the liquids first before adding your dry ingredients to the appliance; however, each machine operates differently. That is why it is important to follow the provided guidelines set out in your instruction manual supplied with the unit. If you mix your ingredients in the wrong way, the bread will not be great, and no matter what type of machine you use, make certain that the yeast is separated from the liquid until the mixing process starts as this helps with fermentation.

  • Always clean the machine, before use

Whether your product is brand new or you have already started using it, always make sure that the appliance is clean. As a new machine may have dust or odor left behind – from baking your first bread to your second always make sure it is clean as you digest these foods. Before starting a baking cycle run the machine for an hour with a cup of water while the lids open – this helps remove odor and dust left behind

  • Leave ingredients standing at room temperature before using

You may find that some models have a resting period, allowing ingredients to come to room temperature before the kneading process starts. However, there are certain bread machines that do not have this cycle included and best to prepare the ingredients beforehand by leaving it to stand for a while at room temperature these include water, eggs, butter, and flour.

  • Remove the kneading blade

Most kneading blades are removable and best to remove once the kneading cycles complete as this helps prevent the blades from baking into the bread – and prevents leaving holes in the bread. There are certain models that provide you with a beep informing you that the kneading cycles complete.

  • Leave the bread to cool

While your bread machine may have a keep-warm function, it is better to remove the bread once baked. Leaving the bread in the machine changes the texture of the bread as the optimal color and textures achieved once the bread baking cycles completed. Leave the bread to rest for a while before cutting it as the cooling down process allows the molecules of the water to escape, leaving the bread nice and moist for you to enjoy.

  • Preferably, clean the baking pan by hand

Many bread machine pans are non-stick and dishwasher safe these days. It may be tempting to throw it into the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes, but best not to and rather clean it by hand with mild soap and a sponge. All non-stick surfaces exposed to any abrasive scratches and your dough and bread will end up sticking to the pan!

Benefits of Owning a Bread Machine

Many people buy a bread maker to make bread, as they are tired of buying store-bought bread that is tasteless at times. Others want to control the ingredients themselves, as they want to save money, as gluten-free ingredients are costly. Whether you have a machine or still thinking about buying one it has some great benefits.

The latest models can easily replace most of your appliances found in the kitchen. For instance, say you want to bake a cake; many of these machines have a cake setting that makes a cake from scratch. The appliance replaces your basic mixer and oven and does a good job at it. This is very beneficial if you live in an apartment with inadequate space, as they are versatile to use.

Not only do they make bread and a cake they do much more, for example, the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 is a neat machine and a complete home bakery making Japanese foods from Udon, Mochi, steamed bread and more. Moreover, the most essential advantage is that it provides you with ease, as you only need to measure the ingredients, press a few buttons, and enjoy the fresh aroma of baked treats spreading through your home. So get out that dusty appliance or travel a bit further with our bread machine reviews in finding the best-suited one for you! Furthermore, remember to look out for our enlightening bread machine articles coming soon!

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