When it comes to the Black&Decker B6000C Bread Maker the latest in the range available from different online retailers you know that you are buying one of the best bread makers available out there. I have been lucky to receive one of these as a present and would like to share my opinions regarding this bread maker by providing you with an honest review.

We all know how expensive bread has become and at times when we buy bread, you can taste it is not fresh. Some bread is like air and light that you can hardly say it is bread. You want wholesome bread that is healthy and lasts a while. So let us look closer at this bread appliance standing in my kitchen.

How Good is The Black&Decker B6000C Exactly

In my opinion, if I had to buy one for myself, it has to be a worthy investment and more importantly, it should be able to stand in my cramped kitchen. The B6000C comes at an affordable price and does what it’s supposed to do and that is making BREAD. When at first glance, it may not look well constructed compared to other models out there, but presents you with 11 different menu settings.

One can make three different loaf sizes and it has a 13-hour baking delay timer that works wonders for me. When I compared my Black&Decker B6000C with their other model, I noticed that it had some new features with a slightly different visual to it.

One of the main features I love about this bread maker is the fact that you can bake different loaves of bread with it: 1.5, 2, and 3 lbs loaves. Moreover, as I have a big family to take care of and loves eating bread this characterization is superb. With the extra storage room, it cuts down on your overall baking time.

Some other unique features I love about this bread machine

Although the horizontal loaf shape with the 11 presets baking options are not revolutionary, the fact remains that this appliance provides you with a traditional shape of bread making that is horizontal. There are 11 pre-set features that you can use that include two low carb and gluten-free bread settings that help make this brand different from the rest.

One can even set the appliance to bake dark or regular crusts that are helpful when making a variety of bread.

The bread makers outstanding look

What I like about the bread maker is the control panel buttons to select making your different breads and the only missing feature on this bread maker is that it does not have a backlit LCD display and makes reading difficult if you have eyes like mine.

All the menu programs are listed on the front of the appliance in French and English and one of these helpful options is the pre-programmed setting for making bread with different contours in bread making from rapid white, white bread, French, gluten-free, quick bread, sweet bread, and whole wheat.

I have tried out the Rapid white pre-program and found that it kneads, and bakes fast while the whole wheat program did not start mixing immediately, as it allows the whole wheat flour to soak up moisture for +- 15 minutes before it eventually starts.

Some other great programs of the B6000C are preparing basic dough for baking only and cooking jam and lacks a program for making bagel and pizza dough.

The bread maker has a powerful motor with two kneading paddles and does a good job while mixing, and kneading the dough – while the blades work well with kneading the whole-wheat dough. However, it does miss the audible beep sounds found in other models reminding you to take out your dough, removing the kneading paddles, and returning the dough before reaching the last rise and baking cycle. This leaves you with two holes in the bottom of your bread if you do forget.

The baking pan has a nonstick coating that helps reduce the bread sticking to the pan and very easy to clean and suppose will not last forever.

Benefits & Features of the Black&Decker B6000C

  • It has a viewing window that helps to see how your bread mixtures progressing
  • It has a 13-hour delay time
  • The baking pan is nonstick
  • One can make three different sized loaves of bread from 1 ½, 2, or 3 pounds
  • It has 11 program settings
  • It has an LCD display, but no backlight
  • It has a 7-minute power failure backup feature in case of a power failure
  • Comes with a horizontal shape loaf pan with two kneading paddles
  • It has a crust control button
  • Provides you with additional programs for kneading dough, one-hour baking, and cooking jam
  • You receive a two-year limited warranty

What other customers are saying

If you do want to find out what other customers are saying you can have a look at Amazon, there you can find more than 50 clients who provided some interesting Black&Decker B6000C reviews. The majority of clients are pleased with the appliance as they have rated it with 4.2 stars out of five. Many of them say that it is a great bread machine and does what it should do and that is making delicious bread. Some client’s say, that the B6000C is not a perfect bread machine, but is still an excellent appliance.

Pros and Cons of the B6000C


  • The bread machine is affordable
  • I like the fact that it can make 3-pound loaves of bread
  • The loaf pan and provided kneading blades are great
  • The provided built-in viewing window is great for keeping an eye on your bread


  • The fact that it does not have a backlit light for the LCD display is not a major train smash, although would have helped to have one, especially if you do get up in the middle of the night to see how your bread is progressing
  • It does not have a preheat function and is a concern as your flour and liquid need to be warm when added to the baking pan
  • It does not have an audible sound for different cycle when used and you may forget to keep an eye on it

Is it a good investment?

Although, I did not buy the Black&Decker B6000C myself, I would still recommend it to you as an affordable appliance. It is great if you have a larger family to feed more bread. It has a large baking pan while the kneading paddles do a great job when it comes to mixing ingredients and kneading the dough, which is a time saver. It makes a decent loaf of bread and my family can vouch for this! If you think that this model is the right one for you, have a look here and see for yourself!

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